Why DreamGenius?

DreamGenius Ltd Logo - a computer screen reflectedWe’ve often been asked where the company name came from, and it’s been the source of ongoing good-natured conflict with our trusted marketing consultant, because it says nothing at all about what we do!

The story dates way back to the previous century. When Alan bought his first computer with internet access in 1996, and asked for his best friend’s help in getting online, the dial-up service provider of choice at the time was Demon Internet.

This was before domain names were anything like as prevalent as they are today; all you had to do was choose a username, which needed to be unique and available at your chosen provider. Having had some difficulty in this regard, said best friend challenged Alan, the stakes being a bottle of champagne!

The only criterium was that the username also had to be a recognisable word or words. After much brain-wracking, the username dreamgenius was tried, and found to be available. It was a very enjoyable bottle, which was duly shared as champagne is after all a social and celebratory drink!

Since then, as Alan’s knowledge of computers grew, and he changed careers to computer support, the online presence evolved from dreamgenius.demon.co.uk to dreamgenius.co.uk; the demon was finally exorcised! Years later, when going self-employed was a probability, DreamGenius Ltd was registered as a company.

That was 7th January 2004, though the name had been used as both an internet handle and a trading name before then. So DreamGenius has both a story and a history.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of the ongoing story?