Lindsey Collumbell, Marketing Consultant

Portrait Photograph of Lindsey CollumbellLindsey has been in marketing and public relations for over twenty-five years, and started Bojangle Communications in 2004. She has worked with DreamGenius Ltd since both companies started.

Marketing and public relations are another area where DreamGenius Ltd is clear that it has no place meddling but, when our customers need, or indeed ask for, help in this area, we have Lindsey on the team to refer the customer to.

With a wealth of experience at corporate level as well as with smaller businesses, Lindsey offers clear and simple guidance to marketing and public relations. If something’s not such a great idea, she’ll tell you, and why! Above all, you’ll be in control of your marketing, and whether or not it works will be down to you.

Lindsey and Alan have known each other for far longer, having been friends through Scouting in Battersea, South West London. In addition, Lindsey’s husband and Alan are each others Best Men!