When we used LogMeIn, it was free

We used to use LogMeIn, until about three years ago. It was a fantastic solution for a small business, their free version providing just enough functionality to enable delivery of a service without having massive fees. Then they took that away.

Unfortunately, it looks like they’re now the victim of Spam spoofing, with bogus emails like the one below being sent to all and sundry, with an infected attachment. Given the fees that LogMeIn wanted to charge for their previously free service, the email looks quite plausible!

As always, there are clues. The email isn’t addressed to me, I never had that many computers on one account, the currency is wrong and no genuine company sends an invoice or receipt in Microsoft Excel! So beware, they’re out there … again.

On 30/03/2015 17:27, LogMeIn.com wrote:
Dear client,

Thank you for purchasing our yearly plan for LogMeIn Pro on 25 computers.
Your credit card has been successfully charged.

Date : 17/2/2015
Amount : $720 ( you saved $549.75)

The transaction details can be found in the attached receipt.
Your computers will be automatically upgraded the next time you sign in.

Thank you for choosing LogMeIn!