Virgin Media Email Moving

We’re starting to see some of our own customers reporting problems sending email from Google Apps for Work accounts to domains owned by Virgin Media. Ironically, in June, Virgin Media announced that they were ending their six-year relationship with Google, moving their customers to a self-managed infrastructure.

You can read Virgin Media’s official announcement here or check out their extensive FAQ here. The domains, and therefore email addresses affected include:

  • – July 2015
  • – September 2015

All customers will apparently be moved by the end of this year but they’re are notifying affected customers once they’ve been successfully moved, not before. Whilst the move is happening, the mailbox is inaccessible to both the owning customer and any inbound emails.

It looks like there have been some challenges with the migration involving NTL World addresses, because these have been flagged on fora and by customers as being bounced, as of last week. However, by the time you read this, that issue will hopefully already have been resolved.

Make no mistake, this is a massive project, and they’re aiming to make it as seamless as possible to their customer base. In itself, that’s no mean feat, and chances are there’ll be another couple of minor issues before conclusion.

So, if your email to a Virgin Media customer bounces between September and December 2015, it’s probably best to wait a couple of days, then resend the email. If it still fails, go Old Skool and call your customer!