Delivery of solutions is simple; you ask, we do. Frequently, a simple request is serviced by an equally simple answer or solution.

For some customers, it’s enough to have a go-to person or company to provide the answers to the questions that have you stumped, replace equipment as needed or configure that newly installed program.

Whilst a level of expertise is required,  proactivity, analysis or monitoring is neither required nor involved at this level, so there is no real understanding of your overall business structure or aspirations.

Many of the services we offer fall into this category, from hosting to anti-virus to backups to Google Apps. Each is a solution which superbly satisfies a specific need, without any need for us to understand your business in any depth.

It is simply a Request > Deliver, Break > Fix, Itch > Scratch solution, which might well be enough for you right now.

verb: delivering
  1. providing something promised or expected
  2. saving, rescuing, or setting free from

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