When you outsource the management of your systems, you’re buying both expertise and proactivity. You are not relinquishing control or abdicating responsibility though. You’re adding a manager with understanding and expertise to your team!

An agreed amount of time is spent not only on addressing the issues that are known about now but looking ahead to see what’s lurking on the horizon. In short, getting ahead the game, which would typically include:

  • checking that backups are viable and usable before they’re actually needed
  • is a faster broadband service available in the area to speed up processes
  • is newer software available with features that would enhance the business

Management is a responsibility and we all have experience of both good and bad management. Effectively managed technology is unremarkable; you’re not cursing it or wishing you knew more about how it worked. You don’t need to know how a car works to be a good driver, though some knowledge admittedly helps.

verb: managing
  1. be in charge of
  2. maintain control of

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