NHS Ransomware Attacks

You cannot have missed the news over the weekend about the ransomware attacks that affected the NHS. Please be assured that this occurred because they are still using Windows XP, which you of course are not, and had not applied critical updates posted in March, which of course you did.

That said, it is important […]

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Virgin Media Email Moving

We’re starting to see some of our own customers reporting problems sending email from Google Apps for Work accounts to domains owned by Virgin Media. Ironically, in June, Virgin Media announced that they were ending their six-year relationship with Google, moving their customers to a self-managed infrastructure. […]

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When we used LogMeIn, it was free

We used to use LogMeIn, until about three years ago. It was a fantastic solution for a small business, their free version providing just enough functionality to enable delivery of a service without having massive fees. Then they took that away.

Unfortunately, it looks like they’re now the victim of Spam spoofing, with bogus emails […]

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Securing WordPress Simply

There are three very simple things that you can do to secure your self-hosted WordPress installation. None of them cost anything except a small amount of time to implement and will ensure that your installation is not the easiest target for hacking attempts. […]

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Reducing Inbound Spam

Spam is a problem for everyone, and when you run a company, it becomes a bigger problem. Spam is Unsolicited Bulk Email. You didn’t ask for it but you got it anyway!

There are various ways of attacking the problem but there is not a one-stop fix; don’t go looking for a magic solution. It is not a problem that can simply be turned off, it is an ongoing process. […]

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WordPress SEO vulnerability

All of our customers who use the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast have already been upgraded to the latest 1.7.4 version as advised, ensuring that they are not potentially at risk from this SQL injection vulnerability.

Most of our customers are blissfully unaware of this having happened, which is why they pay us to do […]

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AVG Authorised Reseller

We’re delighted to announce our appointment as resellers of AVG anti-virus and internet security products.

Be sure and contact us when your anti-virus or internet security software solution is due for renewal and we’ll reduce your outlay and increase your control!

Alternatively, if you’re already fed up with the lack of control and transparency afforded by […]

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Lindsey Collumbell, Marketing Consultant

Lindsey has been in marketing and public relations for over twenty-five years, and started Bojangle Communications in 2004. She has worked with DreamGenius Ltd since both companies started. […]

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Alan Rogers, Managing Director

Alan is Managing Director of DreamGenius Ltd and, for many years, its only member of staff and pair of hands! […]

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Why DreamGenius?

We’ve often been asked where the company name came from, and it’s been the source of ongoing good-natured conflict with our trusted marketing consultant, because it says nothing at all about what we do!


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